Pat and Gary worked together on Teesside for over 30 years. For 10 of those years they would while away long shifts talking about what they would do if they had the opportunity. Keen home brewers, but frustrated at the quality of the home brew kits, they started to do some proper all-grain brews which resulted in far superior results. Motivated by the increased quality and, following encouragement from family, friends and ale enthusiasts, they started to experiment with recipes. In 2017, their plant closure provided an opportunity to create something they had talked about for years. The perfect opportunity to branch out, to follow a dream. The seeds of the Crafty Monkey Brewing Company were planted.

On small-scale home brew equipment, the boys managed to create their first cask brew. This was sold in a local pub as an experiment with the sale proceeds to be given to charity. The ale was tapped at 6.30pm on Thursday and was gone within 3 days. They knew they were on to something special.  Eighteen months of hard work and the loving restoration of the farm out-buildings have resulted in the completion of the Crafty Monkey Brewery.

Our philosophy is simple….We use the finest ingredients and don’t compromise on our brewing method. We carefully design our beers with a specific style in mind, but all our beers must have a unique mouthfeel with depth and layers of flavour that make Crafty Monkey stand out from the crowd. We take no shortcuts and experiment to get what we set out for in a beer.  We then finish off by asking ourselves one simple but important question after tasting the final product….‘Would I buy another one?’…. Only when the answer is Yes will we put our name to it.

Over the last 2 ½ years we have developed our range of beers and now sell to pubs, shops and direct to the public.  We have had brewery takeovers at a number of pubs throughout the Tees Valley and have attended Beer Festivals with our “Crafty Monkey “bar.

To date we have produced 12 different brews, from Pale ales and IPAs, through Amber and Ruby ales to Stouts and Porters.

We will continue to search for new hop and malt varieties and bring out seasonal specials to add to our range.

Pat Garrett

Gary Olvanhill