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This is our cask ale that has been conditioned in our cellar. We transfer it to the bag in a box so you can enjoy it at home.

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Minikegs enable a great draught pint of your favourite beers. Each keg is 5 litres, which is approximately 9 pints and easily dispenses from the in-built tap on the keg. As with all our beers, they are sent to you directly from our brewery, so you get brewery fresh beers.


36 pints/20 Litre of Crafty Monkey to pour at home. Comes with cask tap for dispensing (Returnable with empty Pin)


Pour the perfect Crafty Monkey in your very own pint glass.


Is your Dad a Crafty Monkey?……. Well if he is he needs one of our gift boxes for Fathers Day If he isn’t then…… He needs a Crafty Monkey gift box for Fathers Day and he will be…..


A selection of 3 Crafty Monkey favourites. Available in light or dark ale. Contact us if you would like a different combination.